Today my contribution “Information transmission in the electrosensory pathway benefits from reduced correlated variability in heterogeneous On- and Off-type populations” to the upcoming CAN meeting (May 31st – June 3rd). See you at Place Bonaventure…

PAPER in Frontiers in Neuroscience

Our article “Neural synchrony gives rise to amplitude- and duration-invariant encoding consistent with perception of natural communication stimuli” is now in press at Frontiers in Neuroscience Perception Science as part of the special issue/research topic “Understanding the Importance of temporal coupling of neural activities in information processing underlying action and perception”.

In this article we extend on our earlier findings that correlated (or synchronous) activity

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PAPER in Journal of Neuroscience

Our article “Task related sensorimotor adjustements increase the sensory range in electrolocation” was just accepted for publication in SFN’s Journal of Neuroscience. This project which I had started during the late stages of my time at Bielefeld University used a classical behavioral paradigm to train Gnathonemus petersii in a object detection task. In contrast to the classical paradigm however, Continue reading “PAPER in Journal of Neuroscience”

MINI REVIEW in Frontiers in Integrated Neuroscience

My mini-review “Novel functions of feedback in electrosensory processing” was just accepted for publication in Frontier in Integrated Neuroscience. In this review we discuss different feedback pathways in the electrosensory medullar and their role and impact on electrosensory processing. We focus on novel, more recently discovered role of the so called direct feedback that is topographically ordered and takes part in transformations of the neuronal code that are crucial for generating firing rate responses to behaviorally relevant stimuli. Enjoy the read!

VOX article on paywalls in academic publishing

I came along this article in VOX which is very insightful regarding the current system of academic publishing.

Everyone of us has groaned over submission and high publishing fees. Or about trying to get access to that one publication that was published in a book or a journal that the library has not subscribed to.

This article discusses some of the background of the oligopolistic publishing industry and different methods to reduce and overcome paywalls.

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DISPATCH Article in Current Biology

Along my co-author Maurice Chacron, I was invited to write a dispatch article highlighting the just published paper “Closed-Loop Control of Active Sensing Movements Regulates Sensory Slip” by the groups of Noah Cowan and Eric Fortune. In their paper the authors developed an augmented reality setup for electric fish enabling them to manipulate the sensory feedback that animals perceive during active sensing movements. Our article “Active Sensing: Constancy requires change” can be found here – I hope you enjoy the read!

PAPER in Frontiers in Integrated Neuroscience

Frontier in Integrated Neuroscience has accepted our new paper “Population coding and correlated variability in electrosensory pathways” for publication. In this manuscript we review the state or the art knowledge regarding the presence, origins and impact of neural correlations onto the encoding of electrosensory signals in Apteronotoids. We review both correlated firing due to exegeneous signals as well as correlated variability, its potential impact on signal encoding and its plasticity in the electrosensory pathway. Enjoy!

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